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This post is the first of a weekly series. I (Emery) will be recommending pieces of art/writing/etc (by both established and amateur creators) I have discovered on the Internet. If you’ve seen anything particularly fabulous, don’t hesitate to submit it to me by sending a PM to my personal DW - idothisallthetime.


Introducing: Onj

I like girls and I like guys. I like giving a fuck about how women (and men, too, and any people in between) get treated in our society. I like talking about stuff and I like accepting things outside of the norms and I like asking more of people and I like questioning things and I like trying not to be ashamed of my body, my mind, my kinks, the dumb shit I do, the cool shit I do. I like people and their craziness and kindness and meanness too and I like that I still haven’t entirely decided what queer means (and that I don’t feel like I need to) and I like my friends, mostly, and I like how fucking balls-out insane the world is, a lot of the time. I like to get angry, and I like it when people touch this one spot on the back of my neck, and I grew up coastal so also, I like to swim.

And I like to write. So this should be fun.


Introducing: Melissa

I don’t like talking about me. Past the basic interests - tv shows, movies, comics, books - it’s difficult for me to say what I’m like. I don’t have the easiest time making good friendships because I don’t have the easiest time talking. I don’t like to acknowledge my childhood, or even the near past. I haven’t come out to my family (unless you count my mother seeing me naked in bed with one of my friends). Most of my friends know I like women, but more because it’s come up than because I have outwardly said it.


Introducing: Simone

Writing is…different. Writing is a thing that develops so slowly we don’t notice it. One day I’ll love something I’ve written and the next I’ll want to tear it apart.  


Introducing: Emery

I grew up in a small Scottish island community. “Queer” was/is an insult, and one I had had levelled at me many times. When I came out as bisexual, I was informed it was a phase. I gave up talking about my sexuality. I gave up trying to figure out who I was because I came to the conclusion nobody cared. I was clumsy and round-faced and had violent mood swings. None of the boys liked me, and that made me feel worthless.





The literary scene, like the rest of the world, has long been stifled by self-congratulating het/cis men. 

We are The Ruined Surprise Party. We are the women, the queers, the dykes, the bois, the femmes, the trans*. We trample patriarchy with our stilettos and cry our makeup off in public.

We value honesty and vulnerability. 
We celebrate living in the 21st Century.
We understand the strength in fragility.
We believe that queer and female voices are VOLCANIC.

Every human being lives a different truth.
We cannot allow our ideas and feelings to be constrained by masculine literary ideals.
Instead, we must accept that Good Art is any art that engages us - and that there is no “perfect” approach or technique.

Good Art can be a romance novel or fan art just as much as it can be a sonnet or a sculpture. 
Good Art can be a teenage girl’s blog entry or a YouTube video or an interesting outfit. 

We welcome anyone who identifies as female and/or LGBTQ. Allies are also welcome, but we will be the judge of who is and is not an ally. Membership is not moderated, but your posts and comments may be rejected or deleted if you display:

body policing behaviour
any behaviour we consider to be aggressive or upsetting/triggering

This includes usage of slurs, and “jokes” about subjects such as rape. Our space should remain as safe as possible.

For information about submission of work, click here.

We are the future of literature and art. We must take care not to damage that future. We must love and care for each other and ourselves, and take into consideration the needs and feelings of the entire group. If criticising each others’ work, we must be loving and respectful. If receiving criticism, we must both realise the value of the other’s opinion, and refuse to allow it to deter us from continuing to create, develop and improve. 


Yours in Love and Rage,

The Ruined Surprise Party

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